What is Meecal

Meecal is a discovery site to find upcoming releases across movies, books and other entertainment. Every week new releases in streaming, sports, concerts and other entertainment hits the web. Meecal aggregates the latest arrivals and presents them in a single easy to use interface. This way when you're searching for what's up, it's a single click away.

Do I need to sign up

Depends. You can browse our Catalog or Calendar any time to see the latest arrivals for whatever category. But if you want to bookmark, create lists, like or create a profile you will need to register. This also helps us customize and personalize the site for you.

Where do you get your data

We use a variety of sources and providers to fetch the latest happenings for you. Once cleaned and curated we present a easy to use interface along with a deeplink to the provider's site so you can peruse in greater details at your leisure.

Does this thing cost money

Nope. Meecal is free to use and will probably stay that way. At a later date we may add some non intrusive ads for stuff you'd be interested in but obviously you are under no obligation to get anything at any time.

What's your privacy policy

Check it out right here.

How can we get in touch

Feel free to contact us here.

How come I can't find that thing coming up at that place

We love hearing from you so if there is something you think is missing on Meecal, or some improvement you want, drop us a line and we'll check it out.